Ventura County

Classical Guitar Society

Jan 25, 2012

Guests:  The Los Angeles Guitar Duo -

Amy Hite and Monica Cremona


The Ventura County Classical Guitar Society met on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012.   The program for the evening is shown below, and above are links to photos and Quicktime videos.

Our guests at 8PM were Monica Cremona and Amy Hite performing as The Los Angeles Guitar Duo (web site).

Our next meeting will be Leap Day in February  -  the 29th, Wednesday, beginning at 7PM.  Our 8PM guests will be Michael Nigro and the Vanguard University Guitar Ensemble.  Michael Nigro has performed for us several times in the past.

As always, our meetings are open to the Public and admission is free.  Visit our home page for more information.  See you February 29th!

First Hour

Ensemble (Jean Desilets, Angele Blanton, Gail DeWolfe, Lynne Peterson, Larry Conley)

        Auld Lang Syne

        Serenade Op. 3 #5, by Haydn

Mark Carlile

        Capricho Catalán, by Albenez

        Cavatina (theme from The Deer Hunter), by Stanley Myers

Harrison Nguyen

        Scarborough Fair

Jesse Davis

        Menuet, by Sor

        Ultimo Tremolo, by Barrios

The Los Angeles Guitar Duo  -  Amy Hite and Monica Cremona

Guitarists Amy Hite and Monica Cremona have been playing together as a guitar duo since 2007.  The duo frequently performs throughout Los Angeles and Orange County providing music for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other private events.  Both hold Masters of Music degrees in Classical Guitar Performance from Cal State University, Fullerton.  The duo's music covers a range of styles; classical, Spanish, and contemporary. 

Amy Hite solo...

Sueño juvenil,  Ángel Barrios  (1882-1964)

    Los niños cantan a los Reyes Magos

    Sueño infantil

    Llegaron los Reyes Magos

Bellefleur,  Pieter van der Staak (1930-2007)

Monica Cremona solo...

Platero, Melancolía,  Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco  (1895-1968)

La Azotea,  Eduardo Sáinz de la Maza  (1903-1982)

The Los Angeles Guitar Duo...

L’Encouragement,  Fernando Sor  (1778-1839)

English Suite No. 2,  John Duarte  (1919-2004)


    Lyrical and Smooth


Jongo,  Paulo Bellinati  (b. 1950)

Monica Cremona      Amy Hite