Ventura County

Classical Guitar Society

August 31, 2011

Guest: Thomas Viloteau


       Our August 2011 meeting was held on Wednesday, the 31st, at the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Parks District’s Senior Center.  For information about our monthly meetings, visit our home page.

        The first hour  -  7PM - 8PM - was an “open mike” with performances by 9 individuals and ensembles.  Here is the program for the first half...

Ensemble  -  Angele Blanton, Liz Cole, Gail DeWolfe, Lynne Peterson, Larry Conley, and Jean Desilets


        Las Mañanitas

“The Bi-coastal Trio”  -  Gail, Jan Wissmuller, and Jean Desilets

        Trio  -  Mozart

Mark Carlile  -  Merrily Kissed the Quaker, a traditional Irish folk song

Angele Blanton  -  Farewell,  John Doan

Garrett Pupa  -  Waltz in A, Carcassi

Miguel Vega  -  Gran Vals,  Tárrega

Bradly Pupa  -  Capricho Arabe

Jesse Davis  -  Prelude #1,  Villalobos

José  -  a Flamenco piece entitled  Carcelero

Thomas Viloteau, guest

        Our special guest for the second hour was Thomas Viloteau. 
From France, Thomas is a performer at La Guitarra in San Luis Obispo CA on 9-11 September, 2011.  His performance was astounding - precise and fluid technique, a beautiful and unusual repertoire which included mostly 20th century guitar music, and he played with great sensitivity.  Check out his closing piece in the video clip above.  Viloteau has a web site, and a short bio is available here.  He performs on a Greg Smallman guitar and uses and recommends Savarez strings.

        Our guest for our next program - on Wednesday, Sept 28th - is Ramon Fermin.  T
he program begins at 7PM; Ramon’s performance begins at 8.  Ramon is an American classical guitarist based in San Francisco, California, with concert credits throughout Europe and North America.  Ramon received his training at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he earned a Master of Music degree.  He completed his undergraduate studies at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), earning a Bachelor of Music degree under John Dearman of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.