Ventura County Classical Guitar Society
8th Anniversary  /  August 30, 2006
Carlos Gonzales, guest performer
    The Ventura County Classical Guitar Society celebrated its 8th Anniversary meeting at the Pleasant Valley Senior Center, Camarillo, California, on August 30.
    The meeting began with members’ ensembles and solos, followed by a celebratory intermission.  Then, our guest was Carlos Gonzales.  Click the links above for photos of that meeting
    Previous meetings are...
            July 2006 (Brian Barany, guest)
            June 2006 (no guest)
            May 2006 (David Isaacs and Chelsea, guests)
            April 2006 (Cal State Fullerton Guitar Orchestra)
            March 2006 (David Rogers, guest)
            February 2006 (Scott Sanchez, guest)
            January, 2006 (Dr. Peter Yates), and links to meetings for 2003-2005
    Our next meeting will be held on the September 30th at 7PM.  Our guests will be Martha Masters ( and Risa Carlson as a guitar duo.
    VCCGS History:  During the Spring of 1998, five students of Carlos Gonzales began to meet on a weekly basis to play and enjoy classical guitar music together.  Their common love of music and a wish to share this with the community resulted in the creation of the Ventura County Classical Guitar Society.
    The first public meeting was held on September 30, 1998 in the Senior Citizen Center of the Camarillo Community Center.  Ray Sutton, the initial leader, conducted a short business meeting to discuss the format and future meetings.  The evening began with a group warm-up, an ensemble piece, a short break, and ended with an open session for individual solos, duets and small ensemble pieces.  Six individuals were present for the first meeting.
    Since that first meeting, the format has remained relatively unchanged; however, we have frequently been privileged to additionally feature a guest artist during the last hour of the monthly meeting.
Web photos, video:  John Webb
Audio:  Jan Wissmuller