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Established Sept 1998
Updated August 2, 2014

Arthur Dente

Aug 27, 2014  -  Wed, 7PM


Future VCCGS Meetings
Guest at 8PM

Aug 27, 2014  -  Wed, 7PM
Carlos Gonzales
Sept 24, 2014  -  Wed, 7PM
Peter Yates
Oct 29, 2014  -  Wed, 7PM
James Edwards
Nov 19, 2014  -  Wed, 7PM
Tony Harmon

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Previous Meetings

June 2014 Jonathan Roth
VCCGS Nov 2010
May 2014
Ryan Ayers
Apr 2014
Benjamin Shearer, Laura Michiels
Mar 2014
Michael Nigro and ensemble
Feb 2014
Shintaro Yana
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Who we are:  This is the homepage for the Ventura County Classical Guitar Society (VCCGS) and a source of information for classical guitar in and around Ventura County, California. 

Our Society was established in 1998 by a small group of motivated students of classical guitar and, through the support of volunteers, has continued for 15 years.  Our venue is generously provided by the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Parks District.  Thank you!

We (usually) meet on the last Wednesday of each month at the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District's Senior Center.  The Center is located at 1605 East Burnley in Camarillo, California.  Click here for directions.  Meetings begin at 7PM with from-the-floor solos and ensembles.  If we have a guest performer, their performance begins at 8PM.  Our meetings are open to everyone, and admission is free.  For more information about our group, email Liz Cole.

Our guitar society sessions are productive for classical guitarists at all skill levels.  We share experiences and learn from each other. They also allow us to perform for an audience. There cannot be a better place to develop skills than in the company of others who only want to see you succeed.  All skill levels are welcome.


Performers:  If you are interested in performing for our society, contact Liz Cole at the link above. As we collect neither member dues nor admission fees, we cannot pay a performer directly.  But we do pass a collection basket, the proceeds of which go to the performer.

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We are grateful to the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District for providing our venue.
Thank you !


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